• Skype Tuition

  • wherever you're at ...

    Lee can help you progress

    Whatever your skill set, playing style or aspiration, Lee can help you advance on your journey.

  • Skype Lessons are delivered in the comfort of your own home, delivered at your own pace, and at a time that suits you.

    Whilst we love video tuition, and think our lessons are pretty damn good, we recognise that at times, everybody needs a good old one-to-one.

    Each lesson is fully customisable to your needs, and presented in a personal, professional, yet friendly manner.

    Furthermore, upon request, each lesson will be recorded live and made available for you to refer back on (if ever you need it) at a later date.


    Let's Book Skype

    I need a Skype account

    Lee is an experienced and highly qualified guitar tutor, and strives to make every second of tuition as informative and beneficial as possible. 

    All you need is a Skype account to get started, as well as some free time, and a decent internet connection.

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